València Activa brings together women entrepreneurs to inspire other women

València City Council, through València Activa, has organised a meeting on the occasion of the International Day of Women Entrepreneurs, to be held on Friday 18 November. The free event aims to "connect and make visible women who have decided to become entrepreneurs so that they can inspire and serve as a reference for potential entrepreneurs".

Under the slogan 'You have to be a boss to be an entrepreneur', this second meeting will bring together more than 200 women with entrepreneurial initiative to "add experiences, create synergies, weave networks and address common challenges", as reported by the consistory in a statement.

The sessions will begin at 9.30 am in Palau Alameda. Attendees will be able to draw inspiration from the experiences of a group of female entrepreneurs from the Valencian ecosystem. First of all, they will hear the experiences of four entrepreneurs who use the Espai Lidera coworking space and who will talk about how they set up their projects in the first initial phase.

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