Procedure for participating and having a stand in the Valencia Startup Market (17 November)

On 17 November 2019, the Valencia Active Foundation of the Innovative Development Area of the Economic and Employment Sectors of València City Council, through the VIT Emprende Network, is organising the second edition of the València Startup Market with the aim of bringing the talent of the VITe community of Entrepreneurs of València closer to the people and showing them the talent of the VITe community of Entrepreneurs of València.

València Startup Market is a multidisciplinary event that unites startups, companies, investors and public entities with the civil society and that will allow to make known the projects of the Valencian entrepreneurial fabric to the society.

1. Purpose
The Regidoria de Ocupación y Emprendimiento del Ayuntamiento de València, through the VIT Emprende Network, will make available to startups the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where they will be able to have stands for each emerging company. Through this call, one stand per company will be provided, so that they can exhibit their products and take advantage of the day by approaching the public, all free of charge. In addition, companies will participate in a #StartupBattle where companies can exhibit their projects on the main stage before an expert jury and people attending the event.

Name of the event: València Startup Market 2019

Date and place of the exhibition: Plaza del Ayuntamiento de València, next 17 November
of 2019.

2. Participants
- Companies that are members of #CommunityVITe prior to
the submission of such an application.

- Companies or professionals must be incorporated prior to the application.
- The tax domicile must be in the municipality of Valencia or prove to have participated in some innovative entrepreneurship program and / or technological incubation or acceleration, public or private, of the city of Valencia.
- They must have their products active on the market so that they can exhibit them on the stand on the day of the exhibition. To do so, they must be B2C companies from any sector.
- They must fill in the usual application form to confirm the requirements, it is important to send the logo in vectorial format (png. or similar). They will be informed of the characteristics of the space (m2, access to electricity, etc), at the same time they are informed that they have been selected.

The deadline for submitting and sending applications is 31 October.

3. Selection criteria
The selection of companies and professionals to have a stand at the Valencia Startup Market 2019, will be carried out by the technical staff of the Entrepreneurship Section of VIT Emprende of the Fundación València Activa, according to the following criteria: By strict order of arrival of applications, and provided that it meets all the explicit requirements above.

4. Communication of the selection
The resolution of selection of the participants will be published in the web and nos
we will put in contact with those companies/professionals beneficiaries.



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