Voicit, time-saving automatic summaries of meetings and interviews

Artificial intelligence has arrived to revolutionize all areas, including meetings, a task in which the company Voicit, whose founders have developed a tool that allows companies to extract the most important data from meetings without having to write anything down. "We are a tool that generates an automatic summary so that the user can focus on the conversation and not have to be distracted at any time, make the most of it and have everything automatically documented," explains Álvaro Arrescurrenaga, CEO of the company.

Arrescurrenaga points out that there are many jobs where up to a third of the working day is spent writing up minutes. "We are working on automatic summaries tailored to each use case depending on the type of meeting," he explains. "It's not the same if a meeting is a candidate interview and you only need to extract a certain piece of information as if it's a team meeting."

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